rzync is a simple ksh script using rsync to synchronize a file/directory with a remote one using the SSH channel. It enables user to define different configurations and prepare SSH keys, and also supports batch mode and logging option to trace the output.

rzync :
    commands    : configure unlock printconfig help createkeys get put update
    options    : --quick, --batchmode, --config , --nologging

ex : rzync --update --nologging --config test1 --batchmode

commands :

        configure:      configure rzync. writes the following variables to configuration file.
                        remote server, remote path, remote user,
                        local path, exclude file, include/exclude files

        unlock:         remove lock files. if lock files exist, it will wait till they are removed.

        printconfig :       print configuration information.

        createkeys:          create SSH keys in order to connect without a password

        update:              rsync from local to remote AND rsync from remote to local. without --delete option

        get:                 rsync from remote to local . with --delete option.

        put:                 rsync from local to remote. with --delete option.


      quick:                 ignores all controls. lock, unlock, check_connections will return immediately.

      batchmode:              if batch mode, does not show what will be transfered, else first shows what will be transfered

            nologging:            disable logging

            confile :     use the given configuration file instead of the default one